Intellectual Property Protection

As a professional and leading software development company, we know the importance of intellectual property protection. We have a professional infrastructure and strict procedures to protect our clients' intellectual property rights:

  • Office Location: To ensure maximum security, JibInfo Development Center located in a central business district in a Grade A office tower;
  • Employee confidentiality agreement: All JibInfo employees, in signing labor contracts, have also signed a strict confidentiality agreement, which is legally binding;
  • Non-disclosure agreement: We will sign the appropriate confidentiality agreement provided by you when we sign the development contract or before the confidential research activities start;
  • Project Management System: JibInfo’s project management system has advanced security rules – project information cannot be accessed without authority; project members can access only authorized information;
  • High-security development environment: JibInfo can provide a special closed development environment when and if you require. Developers adhere to the highest confidentiality legally binding agreement – any storage media are not allowed into this environment; project uses a separate internal network; no external network access and so on.