Software Development Standard & Methodology

JibInfo is a member of many international standardization organizations. The majority of the company's employees are certified through a variety of professional organizations. Our practice in the company's operations is generally a widespread adoption of internationally recognized (example: 6 σ, CMMI, etc.) or software vendor recommended (such as Microsoft Sure Step, etc.) standards, which are properly tailored based on the actual implementation of each project environment, project situation and customer requirements to develop high efficiency, high-quality, and in line with the client’s best interests.

  • Project Management
  • JibInfo is a Project Management Institute (PMI) member and the company's excelling project managers are certified Project Management Professional (PMP). This greatly reduces the risk of project failure, and improves project operational efficiency.

  • Quality and process management to improve
  • JibInfo is a American Society for Quality (ASQ) member and has been certified Six Sigma (6σ) Black Belts and Green Belts experts. During the project implementation, we provide the 6 Sigma process and management improvement service to the customers who require this expertise.

  • Development Process Management
  • JibInfo’s hardware, software systems and experts can support widely adopted CMMI, RUP, Agile development and other development process management. We take into account the scale of the project, resource allocation, customer demand and other factors to determine the most suitable development process management approach for each project. This ensures that customers derive maximum benefits from different software development models. (Our Nanjing R & D center CMMI3 certification is in progressing).