Localization And Internationalization

JibInfo’s Canadian headquarters and China development centers provide you with outstanding software product localization and internationalization services. Through our professional services, you can quickly release your software products to the Chinese and North America market.

We provide full range of services:

  • Legal Advice: Different countries have different legal requirements for the software products. Our co-counsel team can provide you with advice in order to avoid the legal liabilities.
  • Marketing Advisory: Each country's culture is different. Our marketing team reviews your marketing materials, (User Interface)UI and documentation and provides feedback and modification, so that your product can be quickly adopted by different cultural backgrounds.
  • Document Translation: As an important part of the internationalization, our translation team provides professional native language translation services.
  • Software Internationalization customization: Our software development team customizes and tests your software to support the Internationalization. I.e. multi-language support, User Interface, Help file, Website and etc.
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