Testing Outsourcing

JibInfo provides professional software testing and quality assurance services that are standard in the software development industry. This includes the overall test outsourcing, test script development, automated testing etc.

Through our dependable third-party quality assurance program, you can avoid the potential quality problems caused by internal resources conflicts.

As a professional testing service provider, we have the ability to obtain professional software testing resources which general SMBs do not have:

  • Our software QA department has many years of experience in software quality assurance and testing;
  • Our professional software testing laboratory can carry out all major server platforms, personal computer platforms and mobile computing platforms commercial and internal software testing;
  • Our efficient test environment reset system ensures that each test uses a fresh test environment;
  • Professional test software suites provide more efficient, higher quality automatic and manual testing;
  • Our internal software QA procedure ensures the highest degree of software product quality;
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