About Us

JibInfo System Inc. is a prestigious and reliable software development service provider, located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in helping Small and Middle Size Businesses (SMBs) establish a consistently greater degree of quality, economy, and efficiency in their internal operational system.

As a cost-effective solution, software development outsourcing has been in an international context for the widespread adoption of a variety of enterprises. JibInfo’s experts have accumulated a widely recognized knowledge and experience during many years outsourcing services. The use of these attributes in the latest knowledge and experience will help your business grow rapidly, as well as reducing your IT investment in regards to finance and time. JibInfo appeals to a wide variety of venues and attracts a broad range in our client interest, showing that our adaptability to projects is of high caliber.

After many years of service experience for SMBs, we know how to accurately and efficiently solve the problem from the customer's point of view. The first thing we consider is how to help customers to solve problems, the quickest to benefit from the solution; how to implement the project in phases if it is a long-term project, help customers to maximize the return on investment. Our experts are not only proficient in Java, . Net, Web, B / S, C / S and other established technologies, but also are excellent service providers.

Our success has proven that we stand for superior development and diligent customer service. Our highly professional statures are maintained inside and outside of the work environment. You can clearly see the results of our efforts and our company’s impact and influence in the financial, securities, manufacturing, medicine, government and professional services industries. We are also very pleased to see that due to our efforts, integrity and professional service, the customer’s daily operation becomes more efficient. Because of our mass appeal and caring approach, our satisfied customers eventually become our partners and friends.

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