Microsoft Dynamic CRM Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact, to throughout purchase and post-sales.

JibInfo implementation experts will provide you with a full range of superior services, from project management, requirements analysis, software and hardware infrastructure design, process optimization, customization, data migration and others.

CRM system is a business critical system and a failed implementation will have a direct impact on the company's revenue. JibInfo ensures implementation success in all aspects of the implementation of adequate quality assurance, such as:

  • Implementation standard:JibInfo uses the Microsoft recommended SURE STEP implementation methodology to ensure that the system implementation is efficient, accurate and high quality;
  • Implementation experts: All of the implementation staff are Microsoft certified CRM implementation experts. You can ensure that all act accordingly through the implementation of industry best practices for verification. Our experienced and efficient implementation teams ensure that your implementation project is completed successfully in the required timeframe;
  • Customer needs: We will carefully collect and analyze your needs in order to develop what the most appropriate plan for your implementation and development programs,;
  • Data Migration: JibInfo data migration experts and partners will provide the most comprehensive migration program to ensure that your valuable data from a variety of historical databases gets migrated to the new system;
  • Staff training: JibInfo has several sets of high-performance training program to ensure that your employees receive a comprehensive and efficient training.