Community Involvement

Making contributions to the community is one of the primary reasons behind funding JibInfo. As an emerging high-tech enterprise, we require a lot of resources, but we realize that there are many people in this world who need more help. This acknowledgment led us to take an active role in various charitable and environmental protection activities. Aware and appreciative of our accomplishments, JibInfo would like to pass on our support to those in need.

  • Philanthropy

    JibInfo works with International organizations such as American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Project Management Institute (PMI) to provide free professional services to these charitable or non-profit organizations. Our company’s charitable budget for this financial year is USD$20,000. JibInfo headquarter and branch offices are working with the local charitable and non-profit organizations in hopes to establish long-term donor programs, in order to contribute to local charities.

    Our company and employees are also actively involved in natural disaster and charities established for the protection of children and women. Our employees reflect the company’s desire to make a difference in the world by doing what we can. We are aware, we are engaged, and most importantly – we care.

  • Environmental

    Environmental protection is related to the future generations, which is why we actively participate in this cause.

    JibInfo’s offices and data centers computer equipments have adopted the latest environmentally friendly energy-saving products in order to ensure minimal environmental hazards; taking into consideration our abilities to reverse harsh affects on our surroundings.

    To the supplier, the environment protection is one very important supplier selection criteria. To the clients, environmental protection and green energy industry customers can enjoy the reward of an additional discount.

    JibInfo is an Encorp Pacific member: all computer hardware products that were sold have charged the environmental fee in order to ensure the future recycling.

    Our staff will also be taking an extra step to get involved. Tree planting activities in local communities each year are just another way that JibInfo takes the initiative to reach out to our surroundings.