Software Development And Maintenance

JibInfo experts have many years of experience in software development for Small Middle Businesses(SMBs). The project development cycle is fully established, and includes: needs analysis, outline design, detailed design, software development, testing, to system implementation and maintenance, which are all covered by standardized management methodology.
JibInfo specialists provide you with services tailored to your needs:

  • Website portal;
  • Business-specific software development;
  • Internal collaboration platform, such as the Intranet, SharePoint;
  • Enterprise Management Information System Development and Integration;
  • Third-party System Integration;
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Internal operational software maintenance and customization;

Be sure to inquire about any additional requirements. We guarantee the quality of any customization needs.

Our services will help you to avoid all unnecessary investment and risk, allowing you to fully enjoy the advantages of our resources:

  • Development platform: You can enjoy the JibInfo over $1 million software development platform investment. Your software development project does not require a lot of hardware and software investments and you can cut the platform building time.
  • Project Management: JibInfo Software's internal norms and procedures are in accordance with internationally recognized and widely adopted standards, combined with the actual project conditions to ensure the highest efficiency, quality and project success rate.
  • Partner resources: JibInfo’s rich partner resources enable us to access the critical technology resource and support, which normal businesses couldn’t access. Software R & D is a high-risk project, but we can get the fastest, most comprehensive support from IBM, Microsoft, SUN and other industry partners to solve the technical challenges and reduce project risks.
  • Human resources: JibInfo experts have a wide range of industries and development experience, and we use the high motivated HR policy so that employees work more efficiently. You only need to provide the requirement, rather than wasting the energy on the staff recruitment, training, turnover, motivation and etc.
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